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Irisia offers holistic, outer and inner beauty transformation experiences to her clients that can be selected individually or as a world-class wellness program.  Integrating her Hair Services, Natural Makeover Services, Inner Work and her Natural Intuitive and Energy Healing abilities she supports clients to translate their unique, intrinsic inner beauty and essence fully into their outer image.  100% natural, vegan & green.

Irisia is an International Hair & Makeup Artist and Stylist, providing all-natural services at her hair salon in Los Angeles and having worked  in the fashion industry out of London, Munich, Milan, Paris, Miami, Sydney and Zurich with clients like Vogue, Marie Claire and Elle, fashion shows like Escada, and clients like Cartier and with models, celebrities and royalty.
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Irisia is also a holistic image consultant in Los Angeles. Her Natural Makeover Services include Color and Style Consultations where clients receive colors that integrate each person’s unique essence and energy with their outer style, supporting the client with continuous empowering, healing, color therapy through wardrobe, makeup, natural hair color, eyewear, jewelry and accessories.  Irisia is a natural Intuitive and is expert in her personal style guidance, seeing each client’s inner and outer beauty potentials that want to be expressed and then bringing them out in the outer image.  Further important services for transformation include personal shopping, inner and outer beauty work, the Awakening Being Seminar, Conscious Relationship Coaching and interior design and feng shui of private home and business spaces for a total inner, outer environmental shift & upgrade to occur.  
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Irisia created The Hair Feng Shui ™ haircutting method producing authentic, balanced and beautiful haircuts supporting a lift in one’s physical beauty.  Hair Feng Shui uses the hair balancing approach and is applied sacred geometry (golden spiral) reaching the whole system, clearing and balancing it from the outside in and the inside out, so one feels lighter, cleared and ready for a new beginning.  Lunar calendar dates are chosen to support hair for lengthening, strengthening, thickening, beautifying and regrowth.  Healing Hair work services are in a 100% natural, chemical free and environmentally conscious with 100% natural hair products.  Irisia is a Natural Hairdresser observing non-toxic, chemical-free, baby-safe, ethical, organic and wildcrafted hair standards and practices.
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Irisia supports her clients as a Plant and Henna Hair Colorist blending 100% natural botanicals and herbs to create a complete color palette for hair from blond, red and brown shades to black (100% chemical-free).  Henna and Plant colorings support the healing of skin and scalp and deeply conditions hair back to its natural condition, strength and shine prior to chemical treatments over time.  100% natural, vegan and organic. Specific hair products further support a client's coloring results during appointments and at home.  The Hair cleanse and Detox is recommended before a coloring.  Lunar calendar dates are observed for optimal coloring.  Excellent for covering gray hair.  Natural Hair Coloring is non-toxic, vegan, chemical free and baby safe.
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The Hair Resource Cleanse and Detox is the highest, holistic approach for hair to transform.  The only shampoo and treatment system that returns hair to a quality enjoyed much earlier in life, pre-chemical treatments through its micro organism activity. It enables hair and scalp to fully resume their supportive function of daily detoxifying the system, return to health and supports hair loss.  The hair channels are cleansed, reopened and repaired to receive the concentrated nutrients through Hair Resource and the calcium, vitamin and mineral exchange is supported to further activate as sunlight enters the cleansed hair.  Hair strengthens and becomes sun resistant, transforming to that softness and swing experienced at a younger age.  The Cleanse and Detox and use of HR products (shampoos, conditioners and treatments) further support a neutralization of chemical colorings, non-natural salon products and supports a fundamental energy lift by detoxifying the system. Hair repair, regrowth, thickening and reversal of gray hair is supported.  100% natural, organic, non-toxic, chemical free, vegan, green and baby safe.  Lunar calendar dates observed for optimal cleansing. 
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Of equal importance for clients is Irisia’s transformational and freeing Inner Work, Relationship Coaching and the Awakening Being Seminar.  Her deeply contemplative, transformative and truthful counsel supports clients to clear their inner system to the degree that one’s being can once again step into the forefront of one’s outer expression and one feels freer and reconciled to life--inner beauty work that translates into a higher physical, visual beauty and youthening expression.  She is providing that freeing personal one-on-one work not easily available from similar intuitive masters like Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie and other Eastern oriented Teachers 
Inner Work and Life Coaching 
Awakening Being Seminar
Conscious Relationship Seminar 
Feng Shui and Energetic Clearing Seminar

She has been leading inner work seminars internationally for the last 10 years throughout Europe, India, Indonesia, the U.S. and Canada.  She mentors and counsels individuals all over the world and is regarded by many of her clients as a Spiritual Teacher.  Her Awakening Being Seminar is regarded by many of her clients as the most transformative and healing process in their lives.  
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Born as a natural Intuitive, animal communicator and with energetic healing abilities, Irisia offers energy attunements to support client’s energetic health and support a clearing and reset of  the inner system for movement forward in life, family, health, career and relationships.  On metaphysical subjects further professional services are offered through Intuitive Readings, Animal Communication & Energy Healings, Entity Clearing, Space & House Energetic Clearings, Soul Transition Guidance, Past Life Regression and Soul Retrieval.

Irisia's Natural, Organic, Raw and Vegan hair products and lifestyle products are available through her online stores. raw, vegan and organic hair and skin care, quantum balance crystal pendants for emf support, roland plocher water energizers, mineralization with etherium gold, effective microorganisms through EM 1, herbal PMS support, immune support, Anastasia and the Ringing Cedars of Russia pendants, aura soma, chinese herbs from Jing, Patrick Flanagan, dynamite, ultimate superfoods, remedy link, hulda clark, joyce chen, ron teagaurden, christopher's herbs,  morocco method, hair resource, keys, soapnuts, power tube zappers, silicium silica, detoxification and cleansing, vitamix, raw food and raw cocoa for weight loss and caffeine replacement.

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